Business Restructuring To Meet Business Needs Including Tupe

Project Information

After the award of a new TFM contract, our medium to large client needed significant restructuring of their hard and soft services to deliver the newly agreed contract. This was further complicated as the contract defined in excess of four hundred (400) hours per week reduction in resources and service was delivered at twenty (20) geographically dispersed locations. Our client also was aiming for a measurable enhancement in the quality of the service provided and it was our commitment to deliver these cost and quality enhancements that would be defined in a service level agreement (SLA) and measured through very exacting key performance indicators (KPI's).

The transfer via TUPE was immediately followed by an extensive transition program that needed to be managed and communicated and so involved extensive consultation with all affected staff and via trade unions and staff representatives. We had identified four weeks from date of transfer to completion date which we achieved. Along-side the selection and restructuring process we implemented a roll out training program that would deliver the framework to achieve the anticipated performance improvements that was followed up for two further months with performance and communication reviews to ensure all staff understood and were able to comply with the new requirements. This needed to be carefully planned and implemented as 75% of affected staff were client facing so was imperative to provide the necessary support, coaching and motivation to all those affected. All the requirements were delivered very effectively without interruption of service and immediately showed the quality benefits sought by our client. As part of this success story, we needed to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to deliver this complex business transition.

With extensive expertise in this area working closely with clients, staff members and trade Union representatives, we have successfully negotiated and managed many start-ups, mobilizations, business and service restructures and re-engineering initiatives to achieve the desired outcome with minimal impact on daily performance output, so no challenge is too great, get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.