Office Moves Including Refurbishments Including CDM

Planning and executing simple or complex moves

Project Information

A successful manufacturing client of ours required significant additional open office space and part of the request was to convert a very large storage (archive) area as part of the necessary refurbishment. The project had three discreet phases, clearing the area ready for modification, refurbishment and making fit for purpose, and finally installation of data points, phone, communications cabinets (services) followed by new office furniture etc.
The pre-construction phase of the project involved all archives, plans and historical information to be relocated elsewhere within the site which took an additional 10 working days and involved movement of 100 + large old steel filing cabinets by pump truck and forklift truck as well as many other items and documents for storage to be moved to another building (1/4 mile away).
The main construction phase work involved the installation of a dust screen wall to contain dust from removal of part glazed dividing partition as the extent of work scheduled 21 consecutive days work with most intrusive work being completed at weekends.
Work included removal of 6 x solid office areas including removal of ceiling around perimeter to allow wall linings to pass through and reinstate. Installing new ceiling tiles throughout the refurbished area to match main office and new skirting to match the existing round skirting.
To prepare and fine fill walls and make good, to prepare existing floor and install primer and latex floor leveller and install new floor tiles to match existing, including prep and paint existing walls to include - 1 x mist coat and 2 x top coats, prepare and paint all new skirting boards, to include 1 x primer 1 x undercoat and 2 x top coats.
To infill other unused door openings with timber stud framework and 100mm Celotex insulation, plasterboard internal face and skim smooth, install 18mm plywood sheet to the outer face and seal all joints.
Installed required No 4-lamp recessed Modular Light fittings, 3 metre lengths of MK 3 compartment dado trunking, twin switchable power sockets and data point requirements. The existing power cables were suitable and were extended & installed to the compartment trunking linked back to the existing distribution board supported by 4 x new Eaton 32A type B RCBO to replace the existing breaker. Installed CAT5e U/UTP LSZH cable from the existing Comms Cabinet to the new area. The Connectix CAT5e U/UTP LSZH cabling was terminated within the comms cabinet to 2 x new 24 port patch panel and presented as quad & Dual faceplates to each bank of desks with CAT5e RJ45 modular outlets.
When the work was completed and immediately before handover, the entire office layout that had been redesigned to accommodate the changes was actioned including the new data/phone/power points and so all desks and work areas were affected briefly whilst the office move was finalized. The whole project was completed and handed over in ready for use status as scheduled under the project Gantt plan with only minor changes from the original design. With extensive experience in relocating work-spaces, we can plan and deliver you're refurbishment and/or modernization of work areas.