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There is an obligation faced by employers that employees or agents are working legally and the law applies to their terms of employment. Inspired MRG Consulting can help.
Whether you have an existing HR infrastructure and process that needs reviewing your need is Strategic, Operational or Cultural/integration project we are here to support you.
As lead on 3-year contract start-up and mobilization for a Blue-chip organization, we were to transfer excess of 300 FTE across a range of disciplines in six geographically dispersed locations. Our task was to shift individuals affected employment to our supplier client from another under the "Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) transferring these employees and integrating them into the supplier business.
We delivered the message to all employees in person with exception of long term sick (LTS) who could not attend, wrote to each person affected and undertook 1-2-1 meetings to ensure we understood who would be transferring and the individual issues or concerns raised and addressed them appropriately. We consulted extensively throughout with those affected, with pay rates, uniform and PPE issues, training needs, equipment and transport issues covered in the discussions. We provided Q&A sessions, direct feedback where possible and consulted and delivered responses on staff noticeboard and to individuals in each persons series of 1-2-1's. their trade unions officials and staff representatives to deliver a seamless transition
HR Compliance is not just about Facilities, Materials and Budget Management: Whilst these elements are extremely important, its often said that "people are the most important resource for any business" - with over 25 years combined experience managing both single goal projects, as well as complex and/or multi-site projects, we understand the importance of aligning our project management approach with your own business culture, values and as applicable HR and business processes.
In addition we can draw on specific HR expertise to help you develop your HR practices in line with your project if needed; we have significant expertise in managing change, managing trade union relationships, managing with TUPE transfers/processes, managing communication strategies/plans, or just plain managing any of your employees assigned to the project.
We understand the importance of employee engagement in your project and beyond, so we don't underestimate the importance of HR and people processes in making any project a success; at Inspired MRG Consulting we make sure we discuss, advise, plan, execute, manage, assess, review and report regularly on all aspects (incl. any HR elements), so that you can be confident on the return on your effort and investment