Organize Your Ancillary & Support Services

Compliance and Duty of Care


All building and premises need ancillary support services, in some cases it is required by law and forms part of you due diligence to provide a safe place of work. Whether it's regular preventative maintenance scheduling (PPM's), cleaning, reactive maintenance and up-keep, painting decorating, minor repairs, window cleaning and roof repairs, gutter clearing, winterization planning etc, we are experts to review this. Other service including catering or vending services, security, access control and CCTV, water treatment including Legionellosis (L8) prevention, and include reception or help-desk (hub control) we can bring these services online and provide the governance to ensure your requirements are being met.
Some of this list will apply to your premises, if this is something you'd like some help to plan and organize, we can help, please get in touch and we'll come and visit you and discuss your specific requirements.